The Car

An original 1981 DMC-12, the car itself has been preserved in pristine condition. A 5-speed manual transmission, adapted with a sports package making this car not only a Back to the Future replica time machine, but perfectly capable of getting up to 88. The iconic gull-wing doors and stainless steel construction truly make this car a show stopper,

Retrofitted with the movie accurate Time Machine wires and circuitry in 2016, it could easily be mistaken as one of the actual vehicles used in the Back to the Future films. Let the details speak for themselves!

P131-23 P131-63Fully equipped with time circuits with a working keypad to enter where… or when… you want to go, this is no ordinary 1981 DeLorean.  Just like in the original Back to the Future film, Doc Brown tells us, the destination time tells us where we are going, present time tells us where we are, and last time departed tells us where we’ve been.  Customize these dates for your event!

Plutonium chamber and power dials tell you if your rogents are empty after entering into Time ravel mode. Featuring movie accurate sound effects! Of course, the ever popular Flux Capacitor features various levels of light to be ready to flux at a moment’s notice!

P131-64Just when you thought the DeLorean couldn’t do anything else, Mr. Fusion offers full movie accurate sound effects. While we ask, please don’t throw beer or used banana peels in there, it seems so real, you just might want to.  Don’t forget, of course, outfitted with a full amplifier and top notch sound system, play songs from the Back to the Future Trilogy or crank up some nostalgic 80s tunes for your event giving guests more than just a viewing experience.

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